Forest Chapel UMC will be intentional in building a legacy of faith in the community that will transform lives today through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, and which will have a lasting impact for the future that will extend around the world.

“Vision65” Objectives:

The congregation of Forest Chapel UMC:

  1. Will make a commitment to fast from negativity for 65 days.
  2. Will commit to memory and practice the 65 words of our Grounding Scripture.
  3. Will establish 65 mentoring relationships between adults and children/youth in the community to raise up a generation of world changers. (Could be sports teams, tutoring, volunteering at school, etc.)
  4. Will build a prayer team of 65 persons committed to praying for the church, community and world for 65 days. (Develop a prayer guide, see attached 30-day sample
  5. Will initiate and record 65 acts of random kindness extended to strangers in the community. (Print Forest Chapel UMC business type invitational cards for people to give out with random acts of kindness such as leaving an extra-large tip, leaving a gift or food at a door, or mowing a lawn, etc.) Points to consider:

-65 days from July 10-September 12

Rev. Dr. Kabamba Kiboko

Forest Chapel United Methodist Church