Ezekiel Access Request

E-Zekiel Church Management System (ChMS)

What is E-Zekiel and ChMS?

  • It is a computer software program that allows our church to share, collaborate and communicate information to help us with our daily tasks and to manage our church.
  • ChMS and our website are and will be continually integrated to help our church members to fully utilize our church at Forest Chapel.

          To learn more about E-Zekiel and how it works, click on the link below.

Who would use E-Zekiel?

      Anyone associated with Forest Chapel! 

Whether you are a member or a leader, E-Zekiel will greatly help with your connectivity to others at Forest Chapel.

How to get connected to E-Zekiel

To request connection to E-Zekiel, please complete the E-Zekiel Access Request Form and I will arrange to get you connected.

A couple of things to keep in mind: your ability to see and access data will depend upon your role and the activity that you perform at Forest Chapel.

Not everybody’s view in the system will be the same. That means there is security in the system.

Once you get your access information you can then go to the website.

To establish a computer connection: https://fcumc.e-zekielchms.com

Once you have established a computer link you can also access E-Zekiel through your smartphone.

If you have an Apple IOS device go to the App Store and search on E-zekiel Church Management.

If you have an Android device go to Google Play and search on E-Zekiel Church Management.

Download the app and then add FCUMC in as the site identifier and then use your username and password that you set up on the computer to gain access.