What is Stewardship?
Giving our money to God is like planting seeds for God’s harvest. 

God can do amazing things with whatever amount we give.

Annual Pledges

(Tithes and Offerings)
Annual gifts to Forest Chapel as pledged during our annual stewardship campaign in the fall become the basis for preparing the unrestricted budget of the church.  These funds go toward operating support for the church and its programs.  This translates to all sorts of things, like keeping the lights on for Sunday services and (at least in some years) also funding medical flights in the Congo.We also accept many restricted gifts during the year – gifts that are given for a specific purpose.  Our United Methodist Special Sundays are examples of restricted giving.
Payment Options:
Scheduled Online Payment
Bank Draft
Real Estate, Stocks, Etc.


Benefiting the Forest Chapel family in perpetuity, endowment gifts are invested to generate a steady stream of income for building, maintenance, music, missions and many other purposes. Donors may also create unrestricted endowments, which produce resources that can be used where the need is greatest.

 Planned Gifts

Planned Gifts include bequests, or plans from your estate.  These financial planning arrangements  can be beneficial to the donor and to the church.

Annual Pledge Payment Options

Cash is always accepted, but please consider using either your personalized giving envelopes or one that is provided at the church so that we know who gave the cash.  For named contributions, we can provide a Statement of Giving that could help you at tax time.
Please make out all checks for giving  to “Forest Chapel UMC.”  If your giving is restricted, please note the purpose of the gift in the memo line.
 Scheduled Online Payment
If you pay your bills online, you can set up an automatic payment of giving through your financial institution’s website.
Bank Draft
An easy way to give is to let our West Ohio United Methodist Credit Union automatically withdraw the amount of your choice from your checking or savings account on a regular basis.  The way to do this is to fill out a First Fruit Giving Form and return it to our Forest Chapel church office.
Stocks and Bonds
Electronic Transfer is the easiest method when a donor maintains holdings in a brokered account. Before making a transfer, alert the church office (513.825.3040) so that we can make arrangements with the stock’s broker to receive the stock. Indicate the purpose of the contribution—such as general fund, building fund, music program, etc.

Provide the following information to the transferring broker:
Broker Firm  PNC Investments (Cathy Beach, 455.2811)
Account Name  Forest Chapel UMC
Account Number  ******** (see office for acct #)
DTC (Depository Trust Company) Number 0226
Clearing House  National Financial Svcs LLC (NFS)
 Planned Gifts

A growing number of church members and friends participate in financial or estate planning. This process can include “gift planning” and the gifts are referred to as “planned gifts.”

Plans from your estate (bequests)
  • Wills or Living Trusts – Giving to the church through your will or living trust is often referred to as a “bequest.”  A bequest from your estate may include cash, securities, real estate, and/or personal property. It can be for a specific amount or for a percentage of your estate.
    Why Include Forest Chapel in My Will?
    Your bequest to the church is …
    •Tax Wise – A charitable gift through your estate may reduce estate taxes.
    •Revocable – You may change the beneficiaries of your estate at any time.
    •Flexible – Your bequest can be directed to Forest Chapel or to any of its programs.
    •Comfortable – A bequest allows you to retain your assets throughout your life.
    How Do I Make a Bequest to the church?

    If you are writing your will or living trust, you will need to include specific language that correctly identifies your support of the church. If you already have a will, you can add a codicil or amendment to your existing estate plan. Or, if you already have a living trust, you would simply modify the language, directing your trustee to make the desired distributions.

  • Retirement Plans – Assets from your individual retirement account, pension plan, profit sharing plan, stock bonus plan, 401(k) or 403(b) can constitute a large portion of your retirement portfolio.
    However, any retirement plan assets you don’t use during your lifetime will be subject to income tax in the hands of your beneficiary, regardless of who that person is. If that person is not your spouse, your estate may also have to pay estate tax on those assets. In some cases, the combination of the two can mean that your heirs could receive as little as 30% of the entire value of your account.
    Retirement Plan Asset Basics
    Designating Forest Chapel as a Beneficiary of Your Retirement Plan …
    •Ensures that the church or church program receives the full value of your gift.
    •May be easily changed as your plans change.
    •Removes assets from your estate, reducing estate tax.

    •May allow you to distribute a greater portion of your estate to your heirs.

  • Life Insurance – Giving a life insurance policy you no longer need, or funding a new policy to support Forest Chapel, is an excellent way to make a substantial gift.
    Three Ways to Give Life Insurance:

    • Designate Forest Chapel as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy; or
    • Give Forest Chapel a fully paid life insurance policy that you no longer need; or
    • Purchase a new policy and name Forest Chapel as the owner and beneficiary. You will then be asked to contribute the equivalent of the annual premium payment to the church. This premium contribution is tax deductible and is used by the church to pay the insurance premium.