Weeding The Garden

The Giving Garden

The Giving Garden was established in 2019 with an idea. An idea that no person should have to go hungry because they can’t afford food. A thought that land was going to waste. The congregation decided enough was enough, they wanted to give back to the community and create a space where people could come together to help the community. Thanks to this vision The Giving Garden thrives today. Community members have grown kale, carrots, tomatoes, and more.

The Produce Pop-Up

Coordinated by Officer Rebbeca of the Forest Park Police Department, the Produce Pop-Up Is run by University of Cincinnati students, firefighters, and Forest Chapel volunteers. By having this pop-up Forest Chapel helps provide needed vegetables to people who might not be able to buy them at the local supermarket. This service is needed now more than ever because of Covid-19, when people may not be able to go to the store because of health risks. Forest Chapel is proud to be able to help our community in this way.